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Divorce Is A Difficult Process; Let Me Help You Navigate Your Way Through It

Last updated on February 24, 2023

For many people, one of the most difficult legal issues that you will ever have to confront will be their divorce. Despite best efforts, the relationship has become irreconcilable and you can no longer remain together. This becomes even more painful if you have children with your spouse, as a messy divorce can take a significant toll on their emotional well-being. That is why you need a sensitive and compassionate divorce lawyer who can assist you as you go through the divorce process. My name is Ed Talmadge, a family law attorney in Albany and Corvallis who is dedicated to helping my clients minimize the negative effects of a divorce and getting to a new normal where you can move on with your family.

There Are Many Ways That I Can Serve You Throughout Your Divorce

You may be worried about what will happen when you file for a divorce. I can help you understand what to expect and how I can assist you as we walk through this together. I can file your divorce petition, negotiate with your spouse’s counsel over the division of the marital property, address potential child custody issues and child/spousal support plans. All of these potential problems will require the assistance of a divorce attorney to make sure that your rights are respected throughout the legal battle. Ideally, you can have an uncontested divorce that will not require you and your spouse to go to trial. However, that is not always possible, and that is where you can rely on me to help you and your family.

I Can Help You With Post Divorce Legal Representation As Well

Even after your divorce is finalized, you may still need legal assistance with new issues that will arise. Maybe you were left with a child support payment but were recently disabled and no longer can maintain a job to make payments. I can help you with post-motion decrees to request a modification to the divorce terms so that you can ensure that you are treated fairly. These are common requests but courts do not grant them liberally, so you will need an experienced family law attorney to help you make your case.

Contact My Office Today

If you are considering filing for a divorce, or your spouse has recently filed for a divorce against you, you need to get a dedicated legal representative by contacting me at the Talmadge Firm. You can call my office at 541-500-8082 or you can send me a message online with a brief description of your situation.