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Helping Injured Clients For More Than 20 Years

Accidents can happen anywhere and affect even the most careful of people. The resulting minor injuries can still have major impacts on your daily life, preventing you from enjoying hobbies or impacting your ability to care for yourself or your family. Severe and traumatic injuries can be physically, mentally and financially debilitating.

If you’ve suffered from minor or traumatic injuries from a car accident, dog bite, slip-and-fall or other incidents then I’m here to help you pursue the financial compensation you deserve. Have questions about your case or where to start? Contact me now for a free personal injury case consultation.

Experience Matters.  Rely On Mine To Help You

Personal injury cases can be highly emotional and complex to navigate. I believe that a strong personal injury case begins with an experienced advocate. Working with a skilled attorney like me can prove to be the difference between receiving a lowball settlement and securing the maximum compensation you deserve.

Along with my 20-plus years of representing personal injury victims, I bring 14 years of experience working as an insurance defense attorney. Understanding both forces at play is an asset you want working for your side. I know the methods insurance companies use to compromise your case and push you to settle for a compensation amount that’s less than what you’re entitled to. Don’t let them talk you into accepting anything less than what you deserve. Team up with me to secure a strong, experienced advocate with insider knowledge of the opponent’s tactics.

If you’ve sustained physical or mental injuries from an accident in Oregon, place your trust in my skilled advocacy and experience the difference that experience makes.

What You Should Consider Before You File A Personal Injury Claim

Even if you’re partially at fault for your accident, or if you don’t deem your injuries too drastic, you still may be entitled to compensation. If injuries from your accident have caused you any disruption or ailment, it’s important to record any details you recall about your accident and how the injuries you’ve sustained have affected you.

These notes will help strengthen the credibility of your case. If you don’t keep a record of key details, you give the insurance defense opportunity to discredit any memory-rooted accounts you make about your accident. Give yourself a fighting chance to receive the maximum settlement you deserve by writing down responses to the following:

  • How did your accident happen? As soon as you’re able to, take note of your accident’s time, date and everything you can remember about what caused it. Include every detail that involves the pain you felt and any remarks made by the people you were with or nearby witnesses.
  • What are your injuries? How have they affected you? In the first week following your accident, make a daily log of the anxiety, discomfort and pain that your injuries cause you. Certain things may not seem worth mentioning, but writing down every small detail will help your doctor make a holistic diagnosis and accurately update your medical record, providing sufficient legal evidence that such injuries were caused by your accident.

  • Have you had any economic losses due to your injuries? Maybe your injuries have caused you to miss work hours, job opportunities or other important events. Take note of these as they happen to provide a full and trustworthy account of how your accident has caused you to forgo beneficial opportunities.

  • Summarize conversations with anyone involved. Tracking the time, date and content of conversations with parties involved in your case can be extremely helpful in receiving full compensation for your injuries. Conversations worth noting would be those with any witness, medical personnel or insurance representative.

If your injury disables you from effectively recording details essential to your case, appoint a close friend or family member to help. And if you have any questions about how to proceed with your claim, reach out to me today.

You Only Have A Limited Amount Of Time To File Your Claim

Don’t lose your chance to fully recover by failing to file your claim in time. In Oregon, two years (from the date of your accident or incident) is the standard time limit for filing personal injury lawsuits. Exceptions may apply, but you should know that timing is key – more severe injuries may prompt you to submit your claim right away, while minor injuries will have to be monitored for some time to fully understand their impacts. No matter what, know that you can start moving forward by talking to an experienced and compassionate attorney about your case today. Contact me at my Albany, Oregon, office for a free personal injury consultation.

Connect With Me Today To Get A Free Consultation

If you have been hurt, you do not have to go alone and deal with your injury. You can call the Talmadge Firm to get my help to represent you and your case. Call my office at 541-500-8082 or connect with me online to send me a brief description of your case. You can schedule a free consultation with me to discuss your injury to determine if you may have a case, so call today to get started.