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Compassionate Criminal Defense in Oregon

Have you been charged with a crime in Oregon? Life after an accusation or arrest can be overwhelming and isolating, but don’t back down without a fight. I am an experienced and trustworthy legal advocate who will listen to your side of the story, thoroughly analyze the facts of your case, and build a strong defense with your best interests in mind.

You Need A Steady Advocate To Protect Your Rights In The Criminal Justice System

I believe that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and have their voice heard. With over 20 years of experience as an attorney, I understand how upsetting and frustrating crime charges can be. A conviction on your record can have life-altering implications, but you don’t deserve the rest of your life to be dictated by one instance of wrongdoing. You are innocent until proven guilty, not just another case number, and it’s my aim to protect your right to be treated with dignity and respect throughout all stages of the legal process.

Even if you’re guilty, you should still seek out a skilled attorney; I will listen to your fears, answer your questions, and form a strategy that realistically resonates with your legal wishes. With me on your team, you can trust that your case is in confident hands. I will prepare diligently and work to negotiate a favorable solution with the prosecution or deliver results in court. You deserve to have a say in how your case plays out, which is why I take a collaborative approach with my clients and form personalized strategies in accordance with each unique case.

I Am Motivated By Justice For My Clients

I’ve been practicing law since 2001 and am fueled by my mission to help people in difficult situations progress toward a brighter future. Criminal convictions, whether they’re misdemeanors or felonies, can become huge roadblocks for people in trying to realize the life they’ve dreamt of. I aggressively defend my clients both in and out of the courtroom because I know how even the most minor of charges can negatively impact an individual’s future opportunities.

Everyone deserves a fair shot at the future they want. If you live in Northern or Western Oregon, I’m here to advocate for you. I accept cases involving DUIs, hit-and-run, theft, assault or battery, sex crimes, drug crimes, and other offenses. Having an experienced and passionate attorney can make all the difference. Contact me today and I’ll start making a plan on how to move forward.

I Apply A Strategic Approach To All Of My Clients’ Cases

Just as no two criminal defense cases are alike, so are no two criminal defense attorneys. What sets me apart is my dynamic experience in other realms of law – personal injury and bankruptcy – which equips me with years of representing a diverse portfolio of situations and clients. My experience empowers me with intuition because I have insight into what juries respond to, what judges expect and how other attorneys build their cases. My seasoned instincts allow me to react with impact and build innovative strategies based on the uniqueness of each of my Oregon clients.

No matter the complexity or severity of your case, you don’t have to lose hope. After many years in the courtroom, on top of building intuition and sharpening creativity, I know how to advocate with empathy for my clients. I provide the compassionate, intuitive and creative defense you need in your corner. Don’t just sit back and watch your future be uprooted. If you live in Western Oregon and you’ve been accused of a crime, contact my office in Albany and team up with me today.

Contact My Office Today

If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, you can contact my office to get the help you need. Call 541-500-8082 or send me a message online to give me a brief description of your case.